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When kids receive the right help early, treatment is more effective!

Advocating for customized mental health solutions to
better serve our children.

The purpose of MindPeace is to align the partners, the infrastructure, and the processes for children's mental health solutions. In collaboration with Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, the Hamilton County Mental Health and Recovery Services Board, the Community Learning Center Institute, and other key community partners, increasing children's access to quality mental health services became our goal. MindPeace works to unite the right teams so kids and their families can get the mental health care they need.

Advocating for customized mental health solutions

MindPeace is making a difference through groundbreaking work with pediatricians and school based mental health. Click here to learn how you can get involved.

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Facts Worth Considering:

1 in 5 or 6 young people ages 0 to 24 years have a current Mental, Emotional, or Behavioral Disorder.*1

21% of adolescents receive counseling or other treatment for MEB Disorders. (SAMHSA, 2007)


2 in 5 adolescents will have a diagnosable disorder by 25 years of age.*1

25% of pediatric office visits are for an emotional or behavioral problem. (American Academy of Pediatrics)

*1 National Research Council and the Institute of Medicine recent report